The high-frequency copper clad plate industry is facing great opportunities and challenges in the 5G era

2023-11-28 14:40:12 12

5G communication makes us feel the rapid development of science and technology, 5G makes life full of imagination, and also brings great business opportunities for many industries, such as high-frequency copper clad plate, an indispensable important electronic material in electronic communications. Traditional copper-clad plate is used to manufacture printed circuit boards, electronic components have a support and mutual connection, mutual insulation of the important basic material. The traditional copper clad plate is mostly used in aerospace, remote sensing, measurement and control, remote control, communication, computer, industrial control, household appliances and so on. With the rapid development of 5G communication, the application of copper clad plate will be more extensive, and its market space is huge.

The copper clad plate industry is in the middle of the entire PCB industry chain, providing raw materials for PCB products. The upstream raw materials of core materials such as high-frequency copper cladding plate and other products are basically similar to traditional CCL. After downstream PCB manufacturers produce high-frequency circuit boards suitable for high-frequency environment, they are applied to base station antenna modules, power amplifier modules and other equipment components. It is widely used in communication base stations (antennas, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, filters, etc.), automotive auxiliary systems, aerospace technology, satellite communications, satellite TV, military radar and other high-frequency communication fields.

From the perspective of global production capacity distribution, copper clad plate products are still almost monopolized by developed countries, and mainland manufacturers are more concentrated in low-end products, and there is huge space for domestic substitution. Therefore, at this moment, high-frequency copper clad plate is an opportunity and a challenge for domestic manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers need to continue research and development in the field of high-frequency copper clad plate and make breakthroughs in high-frequency substrate products. Not only does technology research and development need to face challenges, but also needs to face various competition from many domestic manufacturers. There is a long way to go, but in the final analysis, only by focusing on the research and development of high-frequency copper clad panels can it stand out in the new competition.

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